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About Sarah

I was first introduced to hypnotherapy when a friend recognised that I was struggling with self-confidence on the back of my divorce.   During my marriage I experienced first hand the full force of anxiety disorder and depression.

At first, as with most people, I was sceptical at how it could help me, yet within just a few weeks began to notice changes, not only with my confidence, it in my mood and my ability to focus.  I felt a lightness that I hadn’t felt in what seemed like such a long time and was more proactive in my work as well as my personal life.  I can hand on heart say that those weeks gave me my life back and some!

It was many years later (and with a lot of nagging from a good friend) that I took the plunge and trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.  Now qualified for over 8 years, i am still constantly amazed at how effective hypnotherapy is at managing what seems like an endless list of conditions as well as the surge of emotion when client begins to see change, it’s one of the best feelings in the world and why I love my job!

As a practitioner, I pride myself in my ability to structure sessions to the clients needs, ensuring maximum understanding and benefit from their therapy, In a friendly and professional manner, whilst retaining discretion and complete confidentiality.

I was awarded my Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy at the renowned Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) in Bristol. I also hold the nationally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma – the ‘Gold Standard’ in Hypnotherapy training – awarded through The National Council For Hypnotherapy. I am a member of The National Council for Hypnotherapy along with the Association for Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy and I abide by their code of ethics.

If you feel I am the practitioner for you, please feel free to email or call me for an informal chat, where we can discuss how I can help you or to book an initial consultation.  And if your still sceptical!… Check out my ‘Free Taster Monday’s’.