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❤️ Introducing The Arches Therapy Rooms❤️

As promised in my earlier blog, here are the images of my new clinic, The Arches Therapy Rooms, finally I’ve managed to sort out the issues I was having uploading the files.

I’m super excited for you all to finally see the results of all our (myself and my children, Mac and Grace) hard work, so have a browse and feel free to leave some feedback (via fb), I would love to hear what you think.

As I mentioned before I am renting space, ad hoc or block bookings, with the option of both short and long term arrangements.

So, CALLING ALL THERAPISTS!!, if you are looking for a professional space to base yourself, or wanting a second venue to offer your clients, please contact me via private message, telephone or email.

PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE… thank you, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Sarah x


❤️ NEW CLINIC!!!!! ❤️

It is with a great deal of excitement (and a few nerves!) that I can finally announce that I have taken the plunge and am opening my very own Therapy Rooms!

It was extremely spur of the moment and a few months in the making, as well as a LOT of hands on hours from myself and my beloved teenagers, Macauley and Grace, sanding, painting, sourcing and furnishing, but it is finally ready! (Albeit the front signage and an A board).

I will be running the clinic under the name The Arches Therapy Rooms, situated at 198 Cheltenham Rd, Montpelier, for which a website is under commission and will be live as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I have two beautiful rooms which are available to rent on an hourly or block booking basis.  So if you are a hypnotherapist or a complimentary therapist and are looking for a base or perhaps an additional location from which to work, please get in touch!




I just have to say….

I LOVE the excitement that I feel when booking in a prospective client for an initial consultation!

Its the anticipation of their reactions and responses as I explain why they think, feel, behave the way they do.. watching the penny drop and the expressions on their face as it does.. creating that rapport and ultimately, trust, that is so important and necessary to build a solid client/therapist alliance.

All of these elements are vital in forming the foundations that facilitate change.  Its this that then enables the client to make positive changes and achieve their goals.

Its hard for me to pick out one singular ‘sparkling moment’ in the SFH process, but this sure does take some beating and makes for a great start to my week!

Until my next blog..

Sarah x


Just wanted to share this with you..

I recently received this testimonial from a client that finished his therapy a while ago.  He was one of my very first clients and I was extremely moved when reading his words, to see from his eyes, the impact that SFH has on him and his life….. 🙂

I would like to thank Sarah for literally changing my life.

Through the fantastic hypnotherapy sessions, Sarah gave me the courage to pursue a career as an artist.

Last year whilst I was exhibiting my artwork, I reflected upon how the sessions gave me the courage to do this.

I highly recommend Sarah if you need a positive change… Contact her now!  🙂

…..Matthew, Bristol

Feeling Motivated!!

What a great day in clinic.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and effectively SFH (Solution Focused Hypnotherapy) works.  Seeing the difference in people, and the positive changes they are making, in just a few sessions 🙂

Even the most challenging of sessions bring with them change, and although they can sometimes leave us therapists feeling mentally exhausted, always and without fail, have me leaving clinic at the end of the day feeling energised and truly grateful to have a job which I love so much.

THIS is my motivation!   What is yours?…

Need help finding it?..   I can help you find it 🙂

Sarah x