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A while ago I realised that I needed to change, I also knew that I was going to need help to do so, so I sought Sarah’s assistance.

I had recognised that I was becoming a heavy gambler and that it was causing more problems mentally than I could handle on my own.

Sarah was very caring towards understanding anything that could have caused me to start on this path and helped to steer me back onto the right one.

I am extremely grateful to Sarah for all the help that Sarah has given me and recommend her to anyone who has something going on in their life that they are unable to control on their own.


I have just finished an eight week stint of hypnotherapy with Sarah and cannot begin to explain how much I feel like a weight has been lifted and how much easier I find life now. I literally had no idea what to expect on my first visit and knew very little about hypnotherapy and how it would help.

At the first ‘taster’ session, the Initial Consultation, Sarah explained a bit about how the brain worked and explained the benefits of hypnotherapy and what I could expect over the weeks to follow. Each session followed the same format:

  1. an explanation of the brain and how to train the mind to stop negative thinking.
  2. a scaling of how I felt out to 10 followed by a discussion of what would be different if I was to wake up tomorrow feeling 0.5 better on the scale, e.g. a 6.5/10 rather than a 6/10.
  3. a session on the couch under a very cosy and lovely smelling blanket.

I think I expected to ‘go under’ like you see on the tv and was surprised when I didn’t. I was surprised that I was actually quite aware of everything that was going on.

After the first session, I felt really low and strangely felt like I had failed myself, as I was sure I was supposed to feel the positive benefits of the session. I text Sarah for reassurance and she called straight away and put me at ease, explaining that this was perfectly normal for some people, as it was the brain resisting change.

After the first few sessions, when I started to feel more at ease with Sarah and familiar with the hypnotherapy process, I began to find the sessions completely relaxing and enjoyable, and at the end of them I felt confident that I could cope in the future with the situations I had struggled with and felt a new renewed positivity towards life.

My friends have also noticed the changes in me and I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anybody who suffers from the struggles of anxiety, or feels they may be helped by hypnosis. Sarah took great interest in what I had to say, and was genuinely happy when I told her how much better I had started to feel about life. I have finished the sessions now, but know that the door is always open should I need help in the future… Thank you Sarah.


Sarah has transformed my life. In the short time that I have been seeing her, she has helped me become more aware of triggers and how to control my mental illness. She has helped me feel more human when I have been at my lowest and has also helped me boost my confidence, not only in myself, but in my day-to-day life and personal relationships.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. She is a soul who cares and it shows in her work. She is an absolute diamond.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and helped me through… you have truly changed my life.

Positive change

I would like to thank Sarah for literally changing my life.

Through the fantastic hypnotherapy sessions, Sarah gave me the courage to pursue a career as an artist.

Last year whilst I was exhibiting my artwork, I reflected upon how the sessions gave me the courage to do this.

I highly recommend Sarah if you need a positive change… Contact her now!